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    What engineering projects can steel sheet piles be used in?

    Released on Jun. 21, 2020

    As we all know, steel sheet pile has a wide range of applications, so what specific projects can it be applied to? Today, Xiaobian will show you:
    1、 Temporary shallow excavation foundation operation
    Temporary shallow excavation foundation operation and road project. Generally, No. 3 and No. 4 steel sheet piles with lock catch can keep the excavation dry and the environment will not be affected. The length of steel sheet pile varies from 6m to 15m, and it is usually driven by excavator with vibrating hammer. Whenever you see an excavator working nearby, you will surely see steel sheet piles being used!
    2、 Waterproof cofferdam
    A watertight cofferdam in the river. Generally, No. 6 pile with wider point is selected. The locking steel sheet pile is between 15 and 24 meters long and driven by 416l hydraulic vibrating hammer. For more complex soils that may contain gravel, a medium-sized hammer, such as 815c, can be selected. The cofferdam can provide dry wharf for the construction of concrete foundation. After the bridge tower is built, the steel sheet piles will be taken out and reused.
    3、 Deep foundations with mud and diaphragm walls need to be avoided
    Sometimes steel sheet piles are used in combination with pile casing piles to obtain greater lateral bearing capacity. These applications require AZ type steel sheet piles with a length of 24-36 meters. When the excavation depth reaches 20 meters, these wide steel sheet piles are very economical and can provide large lateral bearing capacity. The medium-sized 815c or larger 1412c is often selected to complete these environmental construction projects.


    4、 AZ type steel sheet pile harbor wall
    AZ type steel sheet pile is also commonly used as long-term harbor wall. These severe working conditions require the selection of high-grade rust proof steel. Special coating can be applied to steel sheet piles which are most corroded by seawater and wind. Due to the large length and weight of steel sheet piles used for such walls, it is recommended to select large vibrating hammers, such as 82nf or 1412c, which are often equipped with NL type impact hammers to complete the pile sinking in the next few meters.
    5、 Urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery
    Steel sheet pile wall is used to protect the excavation work during the construction of underground city comprehensive pipe gallery. Resonance free hammer allows you to construct beside the existing building without disturbing the residents due to noise or damaging the building due to low frequency vibration.
    6、 Permanent load supporting structure
    AZ steel sheet pile can also be used for long-term load supporting structure of railway, highway overpass and garage. Good soil conservation and good bearing capacity can be achieved. Medium 815c and larger 1412c hammers are often selected for these construction projects.
    7、 Concrete sheet pile
    On the Bank of river and channel, the cost of concrete sheet pile is lower and eye-catching. Standard strength concrete piles can be driven by hydraulic vibration hammer. Thin concrete sheet piles are easy to be damaged due to resonance, so resonance free hydraulic hammer must be used.
    The above is about the introduction of steel sheet pile engineering. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to our company's website, and we will continue to update the content!