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    What are the characteristics of steel sheet piles

    Released on Jan. 14, 2020

    The steel sheet pile is a steel structure with a linkage device at the edges, and the linkage device can be freely combined to form a continuous and compact retaining wall or a retaining wall.

    steel sheet pile 1.jpg

    Hot-rolled steel sheet piles In the world, hot-rolled steel sheet piles mainly have dozens of specifications such as U-shaped, Z-shaped, AS-shaped, and H-shaped. At present, the production, processing and installation processes of Z-type and AS-type steel sheet piles are relatively complicated, and they are mainly used in Europe and the United States; U-shaped steel sheet piles are mainly used in China.

    steel sheet pile.jpg

    Production process of hot-rolled steel sheet pile: It is shaped by high-temperature rolling from a profile rolling mill. Advantages of hot-rolled steel sheet piles: size specification, superior performance, reasonable cross-section, high quality, and tight water-tightness in lock bite. Hot rolled steel sheet piles also have disadvantages. Disadvantages: technical difficulty is large, production costs are high, and the specification series is not flexible.

    The following editors introduce the application characteristics of hot-rolled steel sheet piles:

    1. Handle and solve a series of problems during the mining process;

    2. Simple construction and shorter construction period;

    3. For construction tasks, it can reduce space requirements;

    4. The use of steel sheet piles can provide the necessary security and has a strong timeliness (for disaster relief).

    5. The use of steel sheet piles is not restricted by weather conditions; in the process of using steel sheet piles, it can simplify

    Complex procedures to check material or system performance ensure adaptability, good interchangeability, and reusability.

    6, can be recycled and reused, saving money.